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Integrated Product Intelligence (IPI) CC focuses on four distinct areas of competence.
  1. Software development. Multi-tier and Web Application development.
  2. Business process specification, development and implementation.
  3. Electronic hardware and embedded software product development.
  4. Connected and Network Solutions. RF, GPRS and GPS systems specification and development.
1. Software Development
  • IPI specializes in database design, turnkey software development and programming by contract.
  • IPI has more than a decade's experience in development tools such as C, Delphi 7 - XE, C#, ASP.NET MVC development.
  • IPI offers design and implementation of MySQL 4.3 to 5.7, MSSQL Server.
  • Systems automation and integration.
  • Business and Solutions development.
  • Systems and problem analysis and resolution.
2. Electronic hardware and embedded software development
IPI can meet the demand for both micro-electronic and electronic engineering projects.
Electronics and Micro-electonics Electronic engineering
  • Electronic packaging and manufacture.
  • Micro-electronic assembly.
  • Integration services.
  • Turnkey development services.
  • Innovative development.
  • PIC/STM32 Micro-controllers: programming, design and implementation. Signal processing all stages.
  • Digital signal processing development and solutions.
  • Electronic design services: hardware, embedded software and product development.
  • Electronic packaging: printed circuit boards. multi-wire & multi-chip modules. custom assembly and consulting services
An example of high performance Printed Circuit Board (PCB) DESIGN
As a result of its Application System Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and Multi-Chip Module (MCM) design and consultation, IPI is proficient in the design of high performance printed circuit boards (PCBs), i.e. complex, high frequency boards that require good transmission lines and power supply reticulation. Since this quite often is accompanied by severe power dissipation problems, it requires integral heat sinks.
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3. RFID Transponder Systems
Electronic identification Systems integration
  • Active/Passive transponder tags and systems
  • LF and Dual Frequency solutions
  • UHF solutions
  • Consulting Services
  • Data capture, data reader, antennae and transponders.
  • Custom reader design.
  • Connected Solutions.
4. RF and GPRS and GPS Asset Tracking and Transponder Systems
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