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Integrated Product Intelligence (IPI) is a Close Corporation registered since 1995
(Reg.No. CK 95/35630/23).

IPI was born of the development experience that its members gained from working at the CSIR division, Mikomtek which specialised in micro-electronics and information technologies and Insurance Industries.

IPI has gone from strength to strength and has an established client base in database design, software development and programming services.

IPI has made inroads into the micro-finance industry by developing MLAS, a software program specific to the SMME retail finance intermediaries.

Since MLAS can interface with the Sage Evolution software, it has resulted in IPI becoming a Value-Added Service Provider.

IPI develops and produces electronic hardware for Active Networks Dallas Texas amongst others. IPI is active in local electronics industry.

Feel free to contact IPI to discuss how their product and services offering can add value to your business.


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