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Microloans Administration System (MLAS) portfolio management system. Facilitates loan initiation and collections using industry standard methodologies. Equity, savings and insurance products are also supported.

Highlights of the latest version are:

IPI Latest MLAS News Feeds!

2020-05-25: New Version MLAS

  • General Enhancements/Fixes
  • New Client Communications Report and extensions (Batch SMS/Email/Export PDF Better template support).
  • Application form and Disbursement form reviewed.
  • Global VAT Table lookup final conversion. 25 May 2020 [1142]

2020-03-25: Covid-19. Stay Safe follow official lockdown guidelines. 26 March 2020. [1141]

2020-03-10: New Version MLAS
  • General Enhancements
  • Updated VAT processing rate lookups
  • Nominated banks account handling over-hauled 10 March 2020 [1140]

2020-03-09: New Version MLAS (COMPULSORY) Support for Initiation Fee in 1st installment with adjusted installment. Support for extended segments on region and branches. Better SMS Template support 9 March 2020. [1139]

2020-02-10: New Version MLAS Updates for client communications function. Updated PTP Report. Fixed broken Status set. February 2020. [1138]

2020-01-30: New Version MLAS, MyMLASSMS New Release stand-alone SMS Service. Support for MySQL 8.0 January 2020. [1137]

2020-01-27: New Version MLAS New Release, New Features issues, New Evolution Segmented Chart of account support and email automation with confirmation SMS. January 2020. [1136]

2019-08-01: New Version MLAS New Release, minor issues, August 2019. [1135]

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